Notation Required for this Website

To describe a solution to the Rubik's cube, this website will use the standard notation of moves. This is described below:

F = Front Face, the side at which you are currently looking at

B = Back Face, the side opposite the front face

U = Upper Face, the side on top of the front face

D = Down Face, the side opposite of the up face

R = Right Face, the side directly to the right of the front face

L = Left Face, the side directly to the left of the front face

A letter by itself instructs you to turn this side clockwise. A letter followed by a ‘ instructs you to turn this side counter-clockwise. Lastly, a letter followed by 2 instructs you to turn this side twice or 180 degrees. Note that the terms clockwise and counter-clockwise are with respect to the center piece of the side you are turning. Therefore a B move, will not appear as a clockwise turn when you are looking at the cube. The following pictures show some examples that will clear up the meaning of several moves.

A solved Rubik's Cube

A solved Rubik's Cube

The following examples assume that the cube is using the following colour scheme: Red opposite Orange, Blue opposite Green, Yellow opposite White. And the colours should run in a clockwise direction, Green, Red, Blue and Orange. If your cube has a different colour scheme than this, you will need to take that into consideration when looking at the following diagrams and other diagrams throughout this website.

Each of the diagrams below illustrates what the cube will look like after the specified move is completed from a solved position.

F - turn the front face clockwise

F' - turn the front face anti-clockwise

B - turn the back face clockwise

B' - turn the back face anti-clockwise

U - turn the upper face clockwise

U' - turn the upper face anti-clockwise

D - turn the down face clockwise

D' - turn the down face anti-clockwise

R - turn the right face clockwise

R' - turn the right face anti-clockwise

L - turn the left face clockwise

L' - turn the left face anti-clockwise

And just for some fun, to test your knowledge, try the following sequence of moves on a solved cube: F2 B2 U2 D2 L2 R2

Your cube should now look like: Star Pattern